Cryptocurrency PAMM trading platform

We help to invest in cryptocurrencies smarter and with lower risk as part of Geco One OU registered in Estonia was created to help you invest in cryptocurrencies with help of hundreds of experienced traders who focus on trading for a living! With use of PAMM system you can join trader account and make profits together with him by paying him a small fee for help in your financial success!

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Who we are? is a Blockchain based cloud solution which uses different types of technologies to deliver a sophisticated tool for traders and investors. We're using GECOIN as part of our token economy to manage all the necessary functions within the system


For investors

Invest in cryptocurrencies with help of experienced traders based on PAMM standards

For traders

Start PAMM cryptocurrency contracts, invite investors. Use our platform to manage contracts and trade on your side.

Platform for cryptocurrency investors

Imagine you can analyze the history of failures and successes of any trader in time in a specific area of your interest. Imagine that you can give the trader your money so he can make a profit for you when he makes it for himself. That's PAMM. You can choose the trader account and join it, giving him the ability to invest your money together with his money

Trader needs to put his own money on the table

You can see the history of trader's investments

You can see how much profit trader generates

You can get out when you want to

Platform for cryptocurrency traders

We will allow investors to join PAMM accounts and make profits, but what's more important is that we're building a platform with set of tools that will help trader to build PAMM accounts and use it with set of tools that will make them more effective.

From web-browser is a blockchain platform but available, as the other trading platforms from a web-browser.


We use a special gateway system which allows traders to set PAMM smart contracts on different types of wallets and blockchains.

Trade programming

With use of our programing script language traders can build automated systems that analyze data and react to it. That allows to build SL, TP and other type of mechanisms on top of trading.

50 planned exchanges

We plan to integrate 50 different exchanges to help to use arbitrage protocols in the world of cryptocurrency trading

PAMM Smart Contracts

traders will be able to deploy their PAMM contracts in the Blockchain space, we help to manage it with click of a button

ERC-20 Support

Geco will support also Token trading, allowing traders to build sophisticated mechanism on top of trading.

$54,5 Trillion

High net worth individuals capital under management in 2017


HNWI predicted growth every year


of people with net value of more than 1mln interested in crypto


of young millionairs (below 40) was introduced to crypto investments

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Our Team

Rafał Kołakowski


Marcin Wituś


Szymon Piekarz


Łukasz Medrzak


Marcin Sobczyk


Tomasz Bialik


Wojciech Łubianka


Patrycja Gumulak

Communication Manager

Wojciech Labryga


Piotr Danelski


Laurent Uhres


Geco One OU is licensed and authorised by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). First licence for providing services of exchanging a virtual currency and second license for creation of virtual currency wallets services